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It's been ages since I have last been spanked and somehow the last days a spanking has definitely been on my mind. I think I need one.
A thorough and honest review of the Make Me Melt Warm Drip Candles in Pastel. The bondage candles with just the right heat for intense BDSM play.
Love 50 Shades of Grey? Well I love this dungeon and am happy to recommend TP Dungeon Studio for anyone looking for a cost effective kinky experience. Live out your fantasies
Size isn't everything, right? Well it's true, this short sampler rope is very useful in the bedroom and is an ideal addition to anyone kink bag
When I was a teenager I used to walk around with a friend, in the rain, on our bare feet. And as we did, we sang a popular Afrikaans song.
Fingering is a sexual act in its own right and definitely one I love to be the subject of. Here I am talking about vaginal and anal fingering.
I am always getting asked where the best positions for estim electrodes are and so I wrote this NSFW guide...
Stimulating your partner's (or your own!) nipples wakes up the same nerve cortex activated by genital play. So similar to understanding the art of foreplay in sex, nipple play needs to be a slow build -- called "edging," which refers to playing around the edges of your target area so your partner is practically begging you for more.
Aurora Glory's monthly favourites. Includes sex toys, kink, Instagram, other bloggers and more!
An honest review of the House of Eros Rose Pattern Shoe Paddle. A paddle that gave more response than I deserved. With a versatility to suit many tastes.