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Rayne needed reminding. Melen knew just what to do.
The word of the week is: Play Partner.
Rayne answers the question: How do I approach my dom about being kept secret from his wife?
The word of the week is: Consensual Slave.
The kind of man Rayne wants is capable of being a control freak without trying to control everyone around him.
Rayne answers the question: What do I do if my master wants to punish me for something I didn't do?
The word of the week is: Pain Slut.
Everything seems to be a graduation of sorts, because impact play has moved on from spanking to paddling.
Melen told Rayne she doesn't ask to masturbate enough. This is unacceptable because Rayne is a pleasure slave, and watching Rayne masturbate brings Melen pleasure.
Iíve been curious about chains for awhile. The binds seem more intense. The weight of the chain playing a factor in the mindset during the scene has intrigued m