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Say chains, and a chain reaction of thoughts start up in my mind, some of which I share here with you.
The subject for kink of the week is suits, and this is my two cents about it.
advice for how to add some kink into life
KinkBNB draws on the leather pride culture's symbols. Is it an allusion or an appropriation?
Sitting on faces is what Kink of the Week is about. Who will be the next woman to sit on my face?
Thoughts on facesitting for Kink of the Week
kink of the week, topic face slapping
As a submissive, I feel a kind of strength that I never felt as a Dominant. A strength that frightened me before… but I think that, now, it is a strength that I am ready for and willing to give.
my first time attempting vet wrap, or encasements, or mummification
Hopefully if you’re a new sub to the scene, or if you’re a vanilla person who is merely curious, you will find it helpful and educational. If you’re a Domme, hopefully you will get me.