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The word of the week is: Pain Slut.
Everything seems to be a graduation of sorts, because impact play has moved on from spanking to paddling.
Melen told Rayne she doesn't ask to masturbate enough. This is unacceptable because Rayne is a pleasure slave, and watching Rayne masturbate brings Melen pleasure.
Iíve been curious about chains for awhile. The binds seem more intense. The weight of the chain playing a factor in the mindset during the scene has intrigued m
A post about leads/leashes for Kink of the Week
Part one of a 3 part series about my first kinky experience
Say chains, and a chain reaction of thoughts start up in my mind, some of which I share here with you.
The subject for kink of the week is suits, and this is my two cents about it.
advice for how to add some kink into life
KinkBNB draws on the leather pride culture's symbols. Is it an allusion or an appropriation?