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A blindfold creates a black hole that is comforting and where I can let go, where I can give over all control to the one who can see me.
I wondered whether anal sex really is a kink for me or just something I do, but writing this, I realized it might just be a kink!
First she had to endure the first cold day of winter, being naked outside, then she was in a warm bath and had other things to endure.
The spitter spatter of spitting on someone's body is something I don't have as a kink, as it totally freaks me out to be spit on.
When I see our wax play candles, I long for the feeling of intense warmth against my body, of the wax taking me to a place of happiness.
Cutting or tearing clothes off my body is something that I have mixed feelings about. I find it hot but only under the right circumstances.
It's time to bring Skelly back to life, don't you think? He's been in hiding for so long, totally forgotten in his wooden box.
Using my hand to get Master T from half-hard to hard and all ready for his orgasm in any way he chooses to have it - hand, mouth or cunt.
It's been ages since I have last been spanked and somehow the last days a spanking has definitely been on my mind. I think I need one.
I still remember the first squirt - the first time ever that fluids sprayed from my cunt when I had an orgasm. I only later learned what it's called.