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He thinks hes dreaming. He tries to move but finds his movements restricted. His head is foggy and eyelids heavy. His mind starts to focus and he remembers her face, her eyes looking into his. One of her hands around his throat, asking him his name. Over and over. Slapping his face each time there was no response. Did he respond? Ever? He cant remember. Its all a fog. Why is his mind so muddy? Where is he? He moves his left cheek and can still feel the sting from her hand.
For the A-Z Blogging Challenge of 2016 I am talking about several things. The K is for Kink, Kidnapping, Kneeling and also for Knife Play.
A kink of the week post about kidnapping captive kink play
A meeting can be something you want, or not. A piece of erotic fiction written for two memes, Kink of the Week and Masturbation Monday.
I've been daydreaming about leaving and taking him with me.
A story of fucking three different men over three different nights and being kidnapped on a one night stand.