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The letter "X" is for xenophilia, a word filled with fear and anxiety for me. I am both anxious and fearful that xenophilia will touch my life again.
Trust is at the core of how I play. Trust is at the core of how I live too. And, without a doubt, trust is the very bedrock of how I love. "T" is for trust.
"S" is for Samadhi - Michael Samadhi
"N" is for No Surprises, another term for transparency in relationships. The "no surprises" rule is at the core of how Serafina and I practice polyamory.
Limits are common in BDSM, we have hard limits, soft limits, and a few others too. In blogging the joy of kink from a to z, we learn "L" is for limits.
Exploring the Joy of Kink from "A" to "Z" - "K" is for klismaphilia, a term that's refers to enthusiasts who get sexual pleasure from enemas.
"J" is for the Joy of Kink
"h" is for hotel - a wonderful place to explore the joy of kink
Continuing the Blogging from A to Z Challenge after a break for Sunday, we discover that "F" is for frottage - rubbing one's genitals against another's body.
"D" is for Dacryphilia - a discussion of dacryphiliacs - people who get turned on by the sight of tears.