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Information on how to use pressure points during BDSM play for kinky fun and to help control a submissive. Directions, instructions, and warnings are included.
There's a good chance my submissive is moving away and we are breaking up. While I always knew this would happen, I didn't expect some of the emotions and impulses I'm having in advance of him leaving.
Parting ways for sure after the divorce. My slave/husband is now my ex-slave and soon to be my ex-husband. More details on the nightmare I've found out.
Pics and video of RumpusParable decorating her husband/slave Chael for the holidays using Christmas decorations, surgical staples, hypodermic needles, and a scalpel. Warning: medical, sharps, and blood play images!
After a weekend of really brilliant sex, itís time to tally up the injuries: at least ten bruises, broken skin, a wicked goose egg, and lots of soreness.