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Secretly followed by friend to remote wooded area caught engaging in unusual self pleasure.
The excitement is very high when trying to orgasm climbing a pole on a public beach.
Female cleaning crew open drapes are shocked at what they see continue to watch kinky masturbation technique
A submissive boy is kept isolated and sense deprived to soften him up for the humiliating, harsh, and painful training to come. This is a sample chapter of a novella-in-progress.
"The sweetest smile hides such cruel intentions." Each morning, a submissive boy endures an intimate ritual of pain, lust, and humiliation. A ritual which serves to both mark and remind the submissive he's collared and owned by his Domme.
For the A-Z Blogging Challenge of 2016 I am talking about several things. The H is for Humiliation, Hair Pulling, Harness and Hoods.
Travelling on public transport between on fuck and the next
Waiting for a sign that I have pleased my master
Ferns answers reader questions about books, corporal punishment, and erotic humiliation
A van full of women are kidnapped and forced into a warehouse