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In what one could argue is Part 2 of their Chicago adventure (Part 1 HERE), The Adventurous MD Couple booked an appointment with The Good Doctor for a more intimate exchange of ideas fluids, and an introduction to his crew of extraordinary gentlemen, The Black Sox. The appointment was made at my remote office at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago, and my associates (The Black Sox) were on stand-by to look for the Lizardo Lantern to signal them to arrive. When I was notified that the awesome Ms. Adventurous MD Couple was in motion, the Lizardo Lantern was fired up, illuminating the low clouds on Chicago's west side. One by one, The Black Sox checked in. All accounted for.
It has been a long time since we have heard from Hotwife and Squidly. You see, they lived and worked in South Korea (at least, until recently), and they would report in on their efforts to find a lifestyle scene in South Korea. Imagine The Good Doctor's surprise when he received this terrific report and pics this morning. And ladies and gentlemen, this report is all sorts of awesomeness. This report illustrates the value of taking one's time diving deeper into the lifestyle.
he Good Doctor has received a ton of brand new and very real images from you, the good readers and reporters of The Journal, and it's time to crank up the Pic of the Day series once again. In celebration of the Penthouse article that hit news stands and digital yesterday, the first images taken of Journal contributors with the issue of Penthouse have hit.
Mrs. Kelly goes wild when her black lover nibbles her titties. When her cuck hubby tries, she just laughs.
Mrs. Kelly wonders to whom her pussy belongs.
Mrs. Kelly loves to suck her Black Daddy’s cock. Poor cucky’s limp thingy is totally ignored.
OMG, there’s a riding crop in Mrs. Kelly’s slit!
Mrs. Kelly’s cuck reflects on the realities of being older and impotent while his wife is still in her prime.
After years of dominating her submissive cuckold husband, Mrs. Kelly begins submitting in earnest to her black lover.
Mrs. Kelly's cuck is humiliated at a party when she abandons him for her black lover.