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Masturbation Monday Wk 8. Erotic story about sex in a rental apartment.
I arrived at his place. I didn't look around as I looked through the kitchen, into the living room. I called out to him. “Anyone home?!” He answered “in here, sleeping.” READ MORE...
HNT – Legs (in fishnets).
Miss Rumpus reassures the world she still exists and shares thoughts on the hetero-normative expectations of FLRs.
Cat shares a past sexual experience.
Where do you fall on the heterosexual to homosexual scale? Interesting sexual orientation continuum Kinsey-based test claims to have predictive power. Take quiz, share your results and thoughts.
A photoshoot during my birthday weekend with my owner and Domme. Brilliant.
An erotic adventure set in the universe of Star Trek
It’s no secret to some of my friends, that I’m a self-confessed ‘rope slut’. Last weekend I was tied in rope bondage for the first time in over two years.
Ask me anything you like as long as it’s sex or kink related