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I see your male form, all muscled, cut, toned, your ass taunt and your cock hard for my attention. I can feel and taste the saliva start to line the inside of my mouth as it begins to water. The beat of my heart increasing and the throbbing between my legs, evident. The palms of my hands itch to touch you, strike you, bind you, pull you and grip you. The primal need in me rising as the predator awakens. But what keeps me engaged with you, keeps me hungry for you, keeps me panting for your taste and smell is the beauty I see inside you.
I know everyone will hate me for saying this about the group Heart but I was introduced to them in the 1980s, not the 1970s. So I know them primarily from the big hair days of 1985-90.
Crazy week, crazy food, broken heart, sexy time...and how was your week?