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If you’re going to tell a tall story and pretend that it’s true you really have to reign in your imagination. And over the years as sex bloggers we’ve read some
This DVD is a good all rounder, something for everyone but disappointing in parts. However with 6 hours of viewing time you are sure to get your money’s worth out of it.
What is about porn that makes it an ever-present feature of my life since I entered puberty? The answer is of course incredibly simple, sex is a fundamental human function
Whilst at the London porn shoot with Harmony Films’ Gazzman I took hundreds of photographs of the girls.
Yes, I’m off on another porn shoot. Lol This one is on the outskirts of London in a large mansion complete with outdoor swimming pool although
What other naughtiness was on the final day’s menu? We checked our shoot schedule and the last scene was to be a blow job featuring Hannah Shaw and Ian Tate. I was quite excited at the prospect
As we approached the castle for the final day’s shooting George Uhl and Danny D were doing an outside piece to camera. And that’s when I first saw her… Up in the window of the castle
We hurriedly grabbed a plate of spag bol from the kitchen and sat to eat in the company of Danny D, Shay Hendrix and the other guys on their Porn Film Vacation. It’s nice to sit down and chat informally
The next day when we arrived for the shoot the girls were still in makeup downstairs so we made our way down the quaint spiral staircase to see what was
I could smell something tasty wafting around and followed my nose to the kitchen via the informal dining area to be greeted