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It's time to bring Skelly back to life, don't you think? He's been in hiding for so long, totally forgotten in his wooden box.
What I like and don't like about Halloween
Spooky self portraits for Halloween Sinful Sunday!
I shared one of my Spike fantasies for the #KinkoftheWeek vampire theme!
Being the fifth wheel mostly isn't fun, and sometimes it's okay to be the quiet one, just watching the fun.
Mermaids are one of those iconic characters that are revered for their beauty. They are the sexy sirens of the sea! Who wouldnít want to embrace it, embody it, and create their own sexy mermaid costume?
Creepy erotic self portraits are my favorite--I love how these shots I took for the Halloween themed Sinful Sunday came out, what do you think?
My naughty Halloween pics in my Robin costume
Pictorial story