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Thoughts about hair for Kink of the Week
I have quite a history of long and short hair, but for the last 15 years or so my hair has mostly been long. And it comes in handy with kinky situations.
A week ago I had my hair colored again and went from a coppery color to red. Really red. And of course I wanted to show off my red hair.
Mermaids are one of those iconic characters that are revered for their beauty. They are the sexy sirens of the sea! Who wouldn’t want to embrace it, embody it, and create their own sexy mermaid costume?
A hairy tale, that's what I called the task Master T has set me.
A post about hair for Kink of the Week
He kidnapped her. He's never going to let her go. This is just part of what she's gone through, and there's more to come.
I’ve known pain, but not like this.
Removing hair from inside your labia can be a tricky business.
Touching base, Miss Rumpus talks about expectations and realities of her and being a dominant.