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I love the Silicone Noir Silicone G-Spot E-Stim Dildo, its i great for thrusting and is also an amazing bipolar electrosex electrode as wll.
The Meo Alpha Male Leten Wand is a great choice for some G-Spot stimulation as its head is small enough to insert up against your g-spot for some amazing fun
Isn't the g-spoon gorgeous?
I don't care if my ejaculate is chemically similar to pee (and I don't think there's evidence that it is), but regardless, my experience of squirting during sex is NOT that of peeing and is tied to my pleasure and to call it "essentially adult bed wetting" is incredibly insulting, condescending, and damaging.
For many sex toy aficionados, the LELO Mona Wave was one of the most anticipated toys this year...
The Tantus Slow Drive doesnít look like much. With only 5 insertable inches & a 1.2″ max girth, itís not lengthy or girthy. But the Slow Drive proves that you shouldnít judge a dildo by its size...
All about the elusive g-spot.
I didnít really know what to expect from queer, anarcha-feminist activist and performance artist Diana J Torresí Vagaculation workshop at Forbidden Fruit...
The sex educator started the g-spot workshop by saying that no one knows if the g-spot exists, and if it does, no one knows what it is...
My review of the Lelo's updated version of the GIGI g-spot vibrator