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Addressing the issue of whether or not there's BDSM in the Gorean novels. Spoiler: There is.
The word of the week is: Kolar.
The word of the week is: Free Man.
The word of the week is: Kajirus.
The word of the week is: Kajira.
The word of the week is: Gor.
A friend's description of some rituals we required
Quotations from John Norman as well as quotes from his "Gor" series of books about a planet where Master / slave relationships are the norm.
Some time ago I started doing posture training, to be able to wait for Master T before a session. This is my progress on the posture training.
"Breaking" a submissive means different things to different people. It can mean deep subspace, giving up resistance, emotional catharsis, or extreme breaking that changes people.