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Thanks to the amazing work of The Rialto Report, one of The Good Doctor's favorite web sites, they have revisited the sites of The Deuce's adult theaters, with a then and now profile theater by theater. And it's all sorts of awesome! It is the best of it's kind I have seen to date, and it's a must read!
Doc here, a man who some say led the Sicilian navy into battle against an overwhelming Persian armada, only to find out at the last second Sicily didn't have a navy, with a Field Report from that crusty old sea dog himself, The Captain. Cappy (a man who puts the "O" in Ovaltine) visited Erotic World in Hartford, CT, flexed his senior reporter muscles, and filed this report.
Doc here, a man who some say can juggle 3 squash and a can of cranberry sauce at select family events, with a great Flash Report from long time contributor, The Falcon. The Falcon visited my good friends at The Berlin news Agency, and has filed this detailed filled report. If you like your reports filled with action, then this is your lucky day.
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