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Propped up on my elbows, I looked down over my own breasts threatening to spill out over my corset, down over the shiny steel buckles and black leather cinching my waist, over my tiny skirt bunched up around my hips. I looked down to his face held fast between my thighs at the precise place where my pale skin disappeared underneath the black leather boots. Just over my skirt, just past my own wet cunt, his hungry, beautiful blue eyes stared back at me, asking for permission to plunge his tongue into my pussy.
In a conversation months earlier, I mentioned to J that someday, I wanted to try dressing “full Dominatrix”–outfitting myself in all the sexy leather I could find. While it isn’t something I’d want to do all the time, I was curious about what it might feel like to “role play” as a hypersexualized, stereotypical, hetero-male-porn-fantasy-style Dominatrix. In the months that followed, I quietly collected pieces here and there and picked up the last piece at the fetish shop earlier that afternoon.