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The subject for kink of the week is furries, something that I had no knowledge of until I researched it for this post.
Look my tail matches my hair. Yes, I guess I do dabble in furry play
My hard limits include furries, My Little Pony play, Steely Dan, and a number of others that are far less interesting.
Calling all cosplay artists and companies! This is your chance to get some extra exposure. If you can provide me with anything that I need in my list, you'll be compensated with a review and lots of links!
I spotted this article on the BBC, not being into the scene I canít make much comment about
Be sure to check out my review of this sexy dragon/canine fusion dildo from Bad Dragon!
Ever dream of being an anthro horse? Now, Fetish Zone has a silicone horse penis that can be worn for sex, or it can be used as a dildo or masturbation sleeve! Pictures and a demo/comparison video between this equine sheath and a k9 sheath included in the review!
Time for another review from my furry side, Emmie! Check out the gorgeous red and silver metallic tail dildo complete with partial butt cheeks that I got from Bad Dragon!
Be sure to check out my latest review for Bad Dragon! This time, it's the cock of a Cockatrice, a two legged dragon with a rooster's head.
He may be a squirt, but he packs a load!