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My social networking site never fails to amaze me. From the requests to see more pics of me and do I do porn to
Today I took the day off work. I wasn’t on holiday, I didn’t have an appointment to keep and I wasn’t ill either. Shall I let you in to a little secret?
I came (appropriate word lol) across this image of the gorgeous Keeley Hazell I’m not sure where now. It’s one of the images from her 2010
I can hear you all shouting “Suze if off again”. Well yes I am. Lol I think I watch enough porn now to be able to comment
Yesterday was a very busy and intense day. I spent the morning and most of the afternoon pitching to potential clients. Not easy but very rewarding when it all comes good. Fingers
After she gave me my morning blowjob we went to the beach. The smell of fish and chips and slightly suspect doughnuts rolled across the sand while