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Friendship, the ups and down and some grief
A lovely submissive who I call 'puppy'.
There are many terminal diseases in the world, and unfortunately AIDS is still one of them.
friends become intimate, with the awkwardness and familiarity
I briefly commented on twitter regarding an incident where someone attempted to ridicule me for listening to a friend of mine. In a nutshell, the person was trying to provoke me, I believe, out of jealousy. Essentially, the person insinuated I couldnít make a decision on my own without passing it by my friend and whatever my friend told me to do I would do it regardless of whether I agreed with it or not. I found the frivolous attempt out of sheer attention jealousy to degrade my intelligence and strength to be absurd.
While I'm in a relationship with my submissive, I do maintain friendships with other boys. We do flirt, but they're respectful, and I considered them both friends.
There's a good chance my submissive is moving away and we are breaking up. While I always knew this would happen, I didn't expect some of the emotions and impulses I'm having in advance of him leaving.
An entry from blog owners personal journal. Sharing personal messages of an online friendship, relationship.
Talking to X about my possible bad behavior, during a night out on the town.
TMI Tuesday style discussion of friends becoming lovers, friends with benefits, jealousy over lovers friends and more.