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I dare to bare whenever I am feeling hot and happy and horny, but that happens much less nowadays than it did in the past.
I have absolutely no chat-up lines I use and when someone uses them on me, I will never even hear if they are corny or not.
The questions for this week are all about dating, something I have done recklessly in the past but am a lot more careful about today.
Arousal is the physiological and psychological state of being awoken or of sense organs stimulated to a point of perception.
Under wraps is my post sharing my thoughts about what clothes make me feel sexy and when, and what I find sexy on the opposite sex.
Sexting is not a thing I am fond of, but when I do it with a person I also have feelings for, it seems to be easier to do.
My thoughts on how important love and sex are, whether you need the one to have the other or whether you can detach the two.