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Let's talk about sex is something that sounds much easier than it is for many people.
I can't exactly tell you why I find someone sexy, but I sure can tell you what habits of other people are deal-breakers to me.
Do you know what you find sexy and why you fall for some people, and not for others?
Updating my list of sex partners, which is what the question regarding numbers made me think of.
I am talking about being naked and whether I am comfortable with it or not.
Yes, I cheated, way back in another time, another life. This is the story.
I'm talking about my two fantasies, the two things I would really want to happen, but that also makes me quite nervous.
Do you consider a corrective spanking/caning/thrashing as a pleasure or a punishment? See what I answered...
In a monogamous relationship what constitutes cheating? Read my thoughts on this subject...
Food for Thought is a new meme which posts a question every Friday. The first one is about oral sex.