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The Charlie Tango vibrator from the Fifty Shades Of Grey range of sex toys is a fantastic vibrator that delivers strong vibrations that are easy to pinpoint
Here I talk about some of my favourite toys from the E L James Pleasure Collection, stemming from the Fifty Shades of Grey stories.
I describe my experiences with various sets of kegel balls, used to tone the pelvic floor muscles.
Whiplr effectively targets BDSM novices and kink newbies with promises of a safe community, education, and mentorship. Unfortunately, effectiveness does not mean ethics.
Well, the FSOG bandwagon is approaching full speed isn’t it. Even ITV’s “This Morning” woke everyone up by
A funny poem/ limerick about Fifty Shades of Grey
The “50 Shades” series is undoubtedly a watershed in publishing and society’s attitudes towards sex. More importantly it marks a change in people’s attitudes towards BDSM and other non-conventional relationships. The problem that everyone faces is that not all the messages it sends out are good ones and this mean that the legacy of the books will only be clearly visible in retrospect when the dust from the media stampede settles.
When I got a Drive Me Crazy Glass Dildo to test from the Fifty Shades of Grey range of sex toys I thought to myself, I’ll not argue with that. After all testing
We’ve reviewed sex toys from Allure Leather before and they have always been of the highest quality with materials chosen carefully, of the highest quality and put together perfectly to produce some great sex toys.
Some sex toys speak for themselves, and perhaps one of them is the Ouch! Handcuffs. That doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a sex toy review