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An exhibition exploring the aspects of eroticism, fetishism, femininity and the public portrayal of sex workers.
"The Boy and I had a very interesting weekend, full of kinky goodness. It was prompted by him telling me earlier in the week that he found it really erotic to think about me using him purely for my own pleasure, basically treating him like a human sex toy. (I think my response at the time was, “Oh, you are the perfect man.”)"
"The Boy and I had a conversation last night about potentially opening up our relationship – maybe playing with or dating other people. "
"Our sex life will probably always be the best when we’re acting out The Boy’s fetishes; it gives him such extreme pleasure and nothing else can compare to how it makes him feel. But now we’ve come to a point where The Boy is facing a dilemma – where do we go from here?"
" got really hot really quickly, and he looked so beautiful and intensely vulnerable, flushed cheeks and big soft little-boy eyes; it was fucking delicious and I felt wonderfully in control, total domspace in a way I don’t experience very often. He was so submissive..."
I know part of him hates being something of a slave to his desires, but I love the power it gives me to turn him on...
A year ago I would never have thought I'd see myself say, "I like that my husband is a fetishist." But here we are, and fuck yeah, my husband’s a fetishist. And I love it.