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Food For Thought Friday, all about fetishes
The letter "X" is for xenophilia, a word filled with fear and anxiety for me. I am both anxious and fearful that xenophilia will touch my life again.
I’ve always liked having my hair played with, I also like running my fingers through a lover’s hair. Yet while I find both of those activities
The next conscious thought I had was to wonder why Viv was sucking my cock, she didn’t like the taste of my cum and would rarely give me a blowjob let alone cum in her mouth. I lay back and enjoyed this new Viv lapping the cocktail of our juices from my cock. The mouth on my cock started to swallow my shrinking appendage, then next to my ear I heard Viv’s voice “You didn’t think I could get into this suit on my own did you?
My hard limits include furries, My Little Pony play, Steely Dan, and a number of others that are far less interesting.
Fetishes, food play, and insertions are what this wicked Wednesday post is about