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The term fetish covers a huge range of sexual predilections but they all have one thing in common, sexual arousal from a specific, often only indirectly sexual stimulus. Fetishes can be for something as simple as the smell of leather or as complex as a fully formed abduction fantasy, as gently as the touch of a feather tickler or the glimpse of a stocking top to as harsh as the kiss of a studded paddle across your rump.

A sexual fetish is a very personal thing so reading the posts below will give you a very intimate insight into the minds and sexual lives of the bloggers who wrote them.

My daily norm would include, but not entirely limited to: waking up, masturbation, eating, masturbate, sex blog maintenance, masturbating in result of blogging sex, social media, Blair scheduled interaction, in shower masturbation, and had I scheduled evening plans I would get dolled up and proceed accordingly. Had I not, most likely I would return to blogging, porn surf while rubbing one out to finalize the day and sleep.
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