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The term fetish covers a huge range of sexual predilections but they all have one thing in common, sexual arousal from a specific, often only indirectly sexual stimulus. Fetishes can be for something as simple as the smell of leather or as complex as a fully formed abduction fantasy, as gently as the touch of a feather tickler or the glimpse of a stocking top to as harsh as the kiss of a studded paddle across your rump.

A sexual fetish is a very personal thing so reading the posts below will give you a very intimate insight into the minds and sexual lives of the bloggers who wrote them.

Face slapping as part of BDSM can be vulnerable, intimate, and hot. It might be better than kissing.
Zelophilia is a term referring to an individual who becomes aroused by jealousy. To my eye, zelophilia and compersion are opposite faces of the same coin.
Foot fetishes and why not just anyone touches my feet.
Join Lori for Episode 6 of the Strap-on Pleasure Podcast. Why I love my cock so much, embracing my strap-on and anal cleanliness
Why do I enjoy pegging so much? Find out in my confessions of a pegger.
Strap-on Pleasure Podcast Episode 5, advice on safe toys to use for anal stimulation. Also tips and ticks on how to make a strap-on blowjob seem more real.
What does a strawberry and a butt plug have in common?
Exploring now fantasies during strap-on sex and toys that help us pretend and role play.
Cut off the head of a snake and a hundred more will slither from the wound.
The kink of the week is maschalagnia, which is a fetish for armpits. But, I don't really like smelly stuff like armpits!