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The term fetish covers a huge range of sexual predilections but they all have one thing in common, sexual arousal from a specific, often only indirectly sexual stimulus. Fetishes can be for something as simple as the smell of leather or as complex as a fully formed abduction fantasy, as gently as the touch of a feather tickler or the glimpse of a stocking top to as harsh as the kiss of a studded paddle across your rump.

A sexual fetish is a very personal thing so reading the posts below will give you a very intimate insight into the minds and sexual lives of the bloggers who wrote them.

Humorous post about unusual fetishes
Have you ever thought about using a gas mask as a kinky object? Read the entries for kink of the week to learn more.
Why I wish I could love gas masks
School uniforms is a thing in the kink community and the topic of the Kink of the Week meme.
Talking about why Mr Hyde likes school uniforms
In 1921 the actor Rodolfo Alfonso Raffaello Pierre Filibert Guglielmi di Valentina díAntonguolla, or has heís more commonly known
A girl is kidnapped by her former Master.
In a Daddy/girl relationship, Robin makes a mess of Daddy's work day and has to be spanked until her beeping phone is silent.
A late work night turns an assistant towards pussy instead of the right numbers.
When people ask me what my first kinky experience was, Iím usually more apt to reference February 14, 2013, the most intense Valentineís Day Iíve ever had. But that wasnít my first kinky experience. In fact, my very first kinky experience happened just five days before, on Saturday, February 9.