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The term fetish covers a huge range of sexual predilections but they all have one thing in common, sexual arousal from a specific, often only indirectly sexual stimulus. Fetishes can be for something as simple as the smell of leather or as complex as a fully formed abduction fantasy, as gently as the touch of a feather tickler or the glimpse of a stocking top to as harsh as the kiss of a studded paddle across your rump.

A sexual fetish is a very personal thing so reading the posts below will give you a very intimate insight into the minds and sexual lives of the bloggers who wrote them.

Showing off my toy bag.
So many porns on the tumblrnets.
A new toy for Sinful Sunday.
Hello readers, or as I like to call you, disciples. For a very long time now, as I have travelled the land spreading my wisdom and experience, many thousands of submissives have repeatedly come up to me and asked “How can we be more like you?” or “You are so obviously the perfect submissive, how can we attain such perfection?” Well of course dear novices, the answer to the second question is easy, you cannot.
An erotic tale of cigar fetishists
True story erotica featuring BDSM, nylon fetish and bondage
Sexy masturbation story. A sinner teases and corrupts her priest.
My response to the Kink of the Week Anonymous Sex
Discussing the title of Daddy and how it doesn't always apply to age play.
A play partner says I'm jaded after I express boredom with parts of the public scene.