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The term fetish covers a huge range of sexual predilections but they all have one thing in common, sexual arousal from a specific, often only indirectly sexual stimulus. Fetishes can be for something as simple as the smell of leather or as complex as a fully formed abduction fantasy, as gently as the touch of a feather tickler or the glimpse of a stocking top to as harsh as the kiss of a studded paddle across your rump.

A sexual fetish is a very personal thing so reading the posts below will give you a very intimate insight into the minds and sexual lives of the bloggers who wrote them.

I appreciate his sexual turn-ons and submissive triggers, except when they feel less like eagerness and more like expectations.
Sinful Sunday image. Suspension rope bondage hanging from a luggage rack in our hotel room
Wicked Wednesday Memes, bondage naked in the woods.
My submissive and I both associate my long fingernails with sex, though in totally different ways.
Information about how the Neon Wand works and how it's different from the Violet Wand. How to use Guide
A look at Kink Lab's Neon Wand, the next great thing in electro ray play.
Sinful Sunday Meme post. Erotic picture. tied in the woods.
After watching the movie 'Secretary' with James Spader, I was tipped about another movie he played in, called Crash.
Back to school and being naughty again, erotic pics
An honest and in-depth review on some basic but oh-so-strong and quite comfortable leather bondage cuffs.