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Rayne's weekly look at things that make her happy. This week, Alyssa Milano defends public breastfeeding on the Wendy Williams Show.
While pumping gas, Rayne overheard a man telling his wife how horrible it was that 'girls' were always going places alone in their neighborhood. He used Rayne as an example. This is her response.
A 13yo boy in MD was charged with 2nd degree assault for kissing a 14yo boy in his school. Just how far are we willing to go to protect our kids?
Okay, so it's a Justin Bieber song, so it totally sucks, but not for the reason Lena Dunham says it does. The video, on the other hand? Utter and complete shite.
KinkBNB draws on the leather pride culture's symbols. Is it an allusion or an appropriation?
On my attempt to reach a height of empowerment and self-love I never thought possible.
Are women more than are selfies? Do we aspire to more than beauty? I hope so.
A criticism of the various BDSM defenses written in the wake of the Jian Ghomeshi sexual assault allegations.
Jewellers are turning to lady-bits for inspiration - and with surprisingly wearable results
A personal piece about shame surrounding sex and nudity.