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dim, unnaturally so but slowly the light from an unseen flickering oil lamp baths her in a warm yellow glow. She has her back to me, white cotton blouse tailored
I ponder my fantasy life
Michelle was playing with her clitoris, rubbing it in a circular motion. Above, Tony could see her squeezing her breasts through the material of her blouse with her other hand. Tony started to lap along her pussy, longer and longer strokes until his tongue replaced her finger rubbing and sucking at her clitoris. She began to cum, her thighs pressing hard against Tony’s ears holding his head in place. Michelle’s hands grabbed his head pulling him onto her pussy, encouraging him to continue pleasuring her. Tony rubbed her clit until his tongue ached sending shuddering aftershocks through Michelle’s body.
we meet another couple in an open triad relationship!
Trying to be happy while my wife and our boyfriend are happy just doesn't work out.
What can happen if you go to the dentist... other than having your teeth checked or worked on, that is...
My impatience takes hold and I begin to pump my fist on to my cock. In only a few seconds I begin to spurt a shower of cum across my stomach and chest. The hot sticky fluid splashed onto me turning me on even more. If only Tracy were here to lick it off. If only I could slide my fingers into her moist snatch.
He guided his thick hard cock in to me with his hand. Precarious as my position was it facilitated just enough pelvic tilt for Gary to grind in to me. And that he did, his pubescent cock wanting to feast on my pussy. I placed my arms around his shoulders for added stability as I rose up to meet his thrusts.
She felt him enter her sex, and the guilt passed. Inch after inch was slowly pushed into her, filling her, stretching the walls of her vagina. A raging sexual animal replaced the guilt transforming her form a quiet supplicant slave girl into a wild and wanton creature. Her eyes glinted and bored into his, urging him to fuck her as hard as he could. No words were spoken, the look in their eyes, the sounds and the smells of their bodies were more than enough to guide them.
Without taking her eyes from his she reaches down and unzips him. Her hand reaches inside to find the hot swollen cock that longs to be touched by her oh so prim and proper fingers. Her hand eases him from his trousers and holds him firmly. Her mouth forms an “O” of surprise, as if she didn’t expect to find a hot, hard rod of flesh in his pants.