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face sitting, cunnilingus. I decline face sitting. If Iím pressured into it, I am never comfortable, and therefore never enjoy it
The ultimate erotic fantasy -- oral slave at an all-girl party.
It was the submissive boy, in the bedroom, with a vibrator.
The other night--orgasm night--J didn't know whether to believe me. Obviously, he didn't stop what he was doing just to question me. Besides that, his face was buried in my cunt, and as I've learned, that's his favorite place to be.
I released his ear and straddled his chest, facing away from him. I pulled his cock out of the way and smacked his ass--the palm of my hand striking his balls and my fingertips slapping the base of the plug. It was an awkward angle, but it was effective enough to warrant a response. I clutched his balls in the palm of my hand and tapped the base of the plug with my fingertips. He was hard, but not hard enough--I wanted him closer to the edge. I backed up and adjusted so my pussy was inches from his face. I heard him pull against the restraints to try and reach me, but I stayed just out of reach. Teasing him that way drives him mad--I only wish I could have watched his pained expression. I leaned down, wrapped my lips around his cock, and took the entire length of him into my mouth.
I want my first bisexual experience