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A woman creates her own entertainment at a show
Peeing in public is a subtype of the Urophilia fetish. This post covers why people find it arousing, how to tell your partner and how to make it hot!
Eyes on me but avoiding my face, she bit her lip and did something that shocked the shit out of me. Inch by inch, she ever so slowly lifted her silvery skirt to her thighs.
Earlier today, the graphic to the left popped up on Hartford's mighty Art Cinema's social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, and the Art's own website . And clicking the image from The Art Cinema's EVENTS page takes you to a rotating hypnotic spiral. In this Doctor's eyes, something is afoot. And from the rumors I hear, it's is something pretty cool for Art Cinema patrons.
If voyeurism does it for you...
For the A-Z Blogging Challenge of 2016 I am talking about several things. The E is for Exhibitionism, Edging, Erotic Dancing and Experience.
A Scavenger Hunt post in the Library
Scared, excited and happy to please.
If I kiss my girlfriend, it will not be for an audience, not even for an appreciative husband,
Portlandia. I shall return soon enough. In the meantime, we should worship Portland's collective natural resources: The great outdoors, the outstanding culture, and the incredible Hawaiian Eyeful. In the lead-up to an incredible brand new report from my good friend, Hawaiian Eyeful (featuring pics and video!), I thought we should do some Hawaiian Eyeful homework (in photos). Whip out your notebooks, and your #2... Thanks, Doc