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This a poem inspired from an escort photograph
A man named Marcus Johnson, who prides himself on being the real life Christian Grey (minus all that abusive crap), hires a few Australian escorts. Melissa tells us what happened.
A large proportion of couples will at one point or another consider a threesome. Whether both partners consider it at the same time
Australia has an up and down relationship with the adult business, no pun intended. Their politicians, either reflecting the views of the voting public or maybe the swing
Sex. A three letter word topping the international agenda, whether youíre purity driven politician or carnally adventurous blogger, sex
If you were to mention the services provided by an escort agency you might get a very mixed response no matter what company you
Following on from my post the other day about prostitution I have been reading this article on the BBC about male prostitutes. Have a butchers and then weíll all be on the same page. I donít think itís just me but the tone with which that article is imbued is rather different from the normal timbre of pieces about female