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Erotica, sex stories, erotic stories, adult stories. Whatever you call them they exercise the most powerful sexual organ in the body – the mind. Sex and sensuality originate from the mind at least as much as the body.

So here are a collection of the latest sexy stories to titillate you and your partner.

It’s a sunny Saturday morning and their ritual plans are unfolding as the doorbell rings. The guys are at the door. He stumbles out of bed and proceeds down the stairs to answer. She hears the muffled voices of them talking. A few moments later he’s back upstairs and into their bedroom. He closes the door behind him. “They’re here for softball. I told them I just had to take a shower.” He pauses. His eyes study hers. Trying to pick up on what will unfold next. He takes a deep breath and glances from her eyes, to her lap and back again.
blowjob in bondage with husband
She paces the floor knowing any moment he’ll walk through the door. She peeks through the blinds as cars drive by and finally sees his headlights coming up their driveway. She flings the door open, lunges forward and throws herself into him. His hands still full with his garment bag and briefcase. He loses his balance and catches himself before they both fall onto the porch. He drops the briefcase and bag as her arms fly around his neck. “God how I’ve missed you!” She breathes into his ear as she kisses his throat and inhales his scent. His already harden cock presses against her mound. Her pussy aches, reaching for his strength and seed.
The gripping strong and gentle of his hand on her breast. The soft affectionate of his kiss at her ear. The quiet happy of her “Good morning” to him. Her snuggling back, spooning herself more into him. The soft of his kiss on her neck. The root and thick of his morning erection bumping against her butt cheeks. Cock and balls at her butt and pussy. His coming physically, slightly over her and his cock at her panties. The cock head past her panties and onto the wet of her slit. His cock sliding into her panties and over her pussy with need. A casual ‘not to be denied’ invading stretching of her panties. The bonered and erect of her man’s cock at her ‘wet inside’ throbbing puss.
It's time for the Eroticon Online Meet & Greet again, and Molly has come up with some fun questions, which had as laughing when writing this post.
Erotic poetry with a boobday image
Her days…filled with mental challenges, intellectual problems and solutions. Business decisions…wisdom and the mixing of intuition leading and guiding her. The masculine side of her daily ruling and determining her path. The danger of it unconsciously taking over her life.
His hand is in hers as they walk casually down the aisle doing their shopping. He stops at the apples, reaches down and picks out a few. She leans in slightly. Close to him. Close to his ear. She softly whispers, “I could have used your mouth earlier.”
He rises early trying not to disturb her sleep. His heart pounds as images play of his debauchery exhibited the night before. He tries to blame it on the whiskey. That damn whiskey fucks him up every time. But he knows it only lowers the walls he wants to fall; running him head long into the depths of his perversion. Yes. True. But he trusts her with his cravings. The twisted mapping of his mind. She pushes him; lightly. It doesn’t take much. A look. A smile that says she wants to see into his darkness.
Hot summer fun!