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Erotica, sex stories, erotic stories, adult stories. Whatever you call them they exercise the most powerful sexual organ in the body Ė the mind. Sex and sensuality originate from the mind at least as much as the body.

So here are a collection of the latest sexy stories to titillate you and your partner.

excerpt: "Breathe into the sensation. Long, deep breaths. Sigh, moan, or cry out if you want. Let your voice and your breath flow. Tell me if you want me to go faster or slower. If you want me to go harder or lighter. Feel free to touch yourself. You are welcome to come when you are ready, if you are ready. This is for you." "Yes, Sir," I breathed, my entire body tingling as he began the tapping rhythm again, this time with the canes falling one after the other after the other, back and forth, percussively coaxing a pink blush to the surface of my skin. I could feel the warmth rising even without seeing the change of tone.
Tell me a story, whisper it into my ear. A little bit of flash fiction for Masturbation Monday
A sensual Saturday night paddling is recalled the following morning.
Thoughts on sucking cock for Masturbation Monday
fascinated with tentacle porn
Two colleagues push the boundaries of their realationship
Sexy times with bondage, spanking, flogging, and butt plugs.
A girl pays for misconduct at work with a spanking.
A quickie in a garage drives her wild... Iíve always had a penchant for men and oil. I donít mean baby oil, although I am partial to a bit of that. I mean I like dirty oil, work oil, diesel and grease that kind of thing.
A man named Marcus Johnson, who prides himself on being the real life Christian Grey (minus all that abusive crap), hires a few Australian escorts. Melissa tells us what happened.