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Erotica, sex stories, erotic stories, adult stories. Whatever you call them they exercise the most powerful sexual organ in the body – the mind. Sex and sensuality originate from the mind at least as much as the body.

So here are a collection of the latest sexy stories to titillate you and your partner.

Selena faces down the aliens attacking her facility.
For some years now I have wondered whether a man half my age would find me attractive. I guess after this experience, I have my answer.
Tied up, gagged and bundled into the back of a car. What happens next?
Lydia Parsons shocks her lover with the revelation of her biggest fantasy. Will he swallow his fear and help her fulfill it?
A scientific facility on an alien planet has been attacked by the natives.
It starts out with one finger, but with the help of lube and surrendering to the sensations, she managed to take more than just one finger.
She had a fantasy to be a prostitute, if only for a day, but she never thought it would become reality or that her husband would arrange this!
April wants her Sir's showers, and she gets them, too.
Seduction was not what they had in mind when the artist decided to use the young woman's body as her personal art canvas.
The last sentence gave him pause. Her words…“so ruined” rumbled through his chest. What if he was… ruined? What if he never found with anyone else what drew him so deeply to her?