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Erotica, sex stories, erotic stories, adult stories. Whatever you call them they exercise the most powerful sexual organ in the body the mind. Sex and sensuality originate from the mind at least as much as the body.

So here are a collection of the latest sexy stories to titillate you and your partner.

The bath intensifies and Rha'han discovers Selena's weakness.
The bath begins.
Selena learns her position and sees what she's dealing with.
Rha'han brings Selena to his home.
Selena learns the reason behind the attack.
There's only one thing Chris loves more than fucking; fucking with his fingers! And tonight, he's going to do what he loves most to his best friend's girl - while his bestie sleeps beside her...
Rha'han marks his captive.
A sex story written for SassyCat for her Birthday
A story about one crazy night filled with Urethral Play and kinky sex.
Selena pushes her captor a little too far and faces the consequences