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Erotica, sex stories, erotic stories, adult stories. Whatever you call them they exercise the most powerful sexual organ in the body – the mind. Sex and sensuality originate from the mind at least as much as the body.

So here are a collection of the latest sexy stories to titillate you and your partner.

he was visiting for just a few days
Something a little sinister - Erotic Fiction
During the year I kept track of posts I liked. This is the first part of Rebel's 2015 in review.
The suburbs of the house. The fine wines. The dressed for an elegant party and my dreaded mingling. Then someone talking. Someone talking about the basement and I stand discrete but close enough to listen. The obvious BDSM references and the casual interest of the faces. Long time practitioners, seasoned. I think to myself. I’m part of another discussion group but listening intently to the other. The basement is mentioned again and there’s a warmth in my stomach. A female guest speaks of whipping and my pussy stirs. My interest piqued.
In which Rodrick gets down to business.
Showing off a few gems for Sinful Sunday
In which Constantina rummages through Rodrick's things.
After flirting online a couple finally get together to fulfil thier sexy fantasies in a hotel room.
An ode to my favorite sex toy: the knife.
Wall of Pleasure is a piece of erotic fiction written for the meme, Kink of the Week.