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Erotica, sex stories, erotic stories, adult stories. Whatever you call them they exercise the most powerful sexual organ in the body Ė the mind. Sex and sensuality originate from the mind at least as much as the body.

So here are a collection of the latest sexy stories to titillate you and your partner.

I rotated my weight on top of him so suddenly he didnít think to stop me, my elbow into the side of the neck to keep his head to the side, and I gently bit the side of his neck
In which the group makes it back to the wolves' stronghold and Rodrick gives another warning.
I don't frequently place guest posts on my site, but I just had to share this one, The Writing Contest.
Rodrick plays with his new toy.
Then I feel it. His hands brushing across my shoulders as he reaches up to the back of my neck and gathers the thickness of my long dark hair. His fingers become entwined in the strands. Carefully and gently he reaches through the rebellious and wild pieces that have become entangled from our play. He moves them away revealing my face; with his finger pulls one last strand that has become caught between my lips and his shaft.
the nightís scenes into segments
A sexy picnic that leads to more between Sir and his little
He studies the just fucked, orgasmic feral expression spreading across her face. Her hands blindly place the collar around his neck. The metal and spiked choke collar they had purchased at the last Winter Vendor Fair. Still in a hazy, flushed fog, her hands work to get the collar secure while her eyes watch his. Then looking away she locks it in place. The sound bringing her back to a calm state. Her inner control of him returning and his cock still firm inside her. Deep to the hilt of the innermost of her. Lost in her heated paradise.
Sometimes sexual favors seem to go hand in hand with climbing the corporate ladder, or does it?
In which Constantina displays her power.