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The challenge: create a 500 word erotic story full of "purple prose". No cock, cunts, pussies or dicks, instead I used words like "baloney pony", "oyster ditch" and more. Filthy, dirty, and just plain awful!
When a handsome man arrives at her shop with a gorgeous medieval blade for sale, Miss Stone is intrigued, but she really wants George's other sword...
More holiday smut, based on the song of the same way.
A bit of holiday smut!
I took his hand and dragged him to the path that surrounded the lake. A few minutes later, we found my destination, the ruins of an abandoned bait and tackle shop that had burned to the ground. All that remained was one graffiti covered cinder block wall. “Here?” “Yes, here. I want to be dirty, Gabe.” I slipped out of my dress and sandals before laying down on the barren ground. “Tell me all the filthy things you want to do to me.” I spread my legs and stroked my clit while he watched.