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Self portrait, in-camera double exposure Day 28 of #FebPhotoFest
Day 26 of #FebPhotoFest/Throwback Thursday I shot this self-portrait for last year’s #FebPhotoFest (but never posted it), during my time with Fireman Sam. I wonder what he’s up to these days…
Self portrait, in-camera double exposure Day 25 of #FebPhotoFest
Day 11 of #FebPhotoFest (self-portrait)
(Self portrait) Day 7 of #FebPhotoFest/Sinful Sunday Edition #200!
(Self-portrait) Day 5 of #FebPhotoFest
(Self portrait) Day 4 of February PhotoFest. Thanks to my partner for going with me to shoot these and holding an umbrella over my camera in the rain in 40° weather, and to @domsigns for thinking of the title!
(Self portrait) Day 2 of February PhotoFest2015!
(Self-portrait) Today is the 1st day of #FebPhotoFest, a month long photo challenge started by Molly. Come back every day during February to see a new sensual/erotic image!
I love pushing myself to post images that can be challenging, like my menstrual self portrait, creepy nudes, etc. But sometimes I just want to take some sultry photos when I'm feeling sexy...and that's fine too, don't you think? :)