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The “50 Shades” series is undoubtedly a watershed in publishing and society’s attitudes towards sex. More importantly it marks a change in people’s attitudes towards BDSM and other non-conventional relationships. The problem that everyone faces is that not all the messages it sends out are good ones and this mean that the legacy of the books will only be clearly visible in retrospect when the dust from the media stampede settles.
REAL SEX STORY - My attempt at a threesome aged 30 with a lovely 17 year old boy thrown into the mix. Getting down and dirty on the kitchen floor. Oh to be young again.
A real life sex story about some alfresco play (think cocktails, think 'sex on the beach) with a smooth operator who had some slick moves to get me wet.
Yeah you read it here. One night in Great Yarmouth, I meet a man named Fox, he works in porn and to read all about my personal sexual encounter check out the link.
The story of my one night stand with a Canadian (who had a dick the size of a donkey) and ended up stealing from my flat.
Anyone fancy reading about how to deal with a very bent penis and a semi famous shag from a very normal girl, check out this post.
First time faking an on the beach!
'My Story' from TVs sex season.
How I lost my virginity - it wasn't to a dog, he was just watching it happen
My first botched, amateurish, youthful but failed attempt at anal sex