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A silhouette image for this weeks Sinful Sunday
Erotic art and photography celebrating the female form. Sensual beauty.
A sinful Sunday post about my 3 images from last week and looking at each one in turn
Some sexy swinger style artwork with fireworks and a bit on that perfect click when couples get together to do the wild thing.
A bit on voyeuristic thrills and girls grinding their peaches together, some babble on threesomes, and a weird bit of erotic art to go along with it.
I used to be Snow White...for Sinful Sunday
A bit on why a lot of my art has girl plus girl themes to it
More Taschen than Page 3 expect a smoother, sexier, subtler, more imaginative look to the girls on display from this up & coming photographer. If you want more than tits 'n' ass & prefer a HOT Australian homoerotic lesbian urban fairytale them to get you through next year check out this exclusive limited run 2013 calendar.
A post featuring vintage spanking postcards I saw at the Museum of Erotica.
Erotic Art Thursday 3 featuring art by Quimet Sabaté.