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On being properly clean, inside and out.
Discovering the joys of an enema.
Exploring the Joy of Kink from "A" to "Z" - "K" is for klismaphilia, a term that's refers to enthusiasts who get sexual pleasure from enemas.
I received the Streem Master Premium Shower Douche from ThatPosition in exchange for this review.
Something that is not spoken of freely on different blogs, is the way people prepare for anal sex. I'm taking the plunge... no pun intended.
Are there health or hygiene issues involved in performing cunnilingus and analingus in the same session? In other words, is it safe to lick an asshole and then lick a pussy?
As I caught up on my porn viewing last night it occurred to me just how much trouble the girls in the scenes go to. And Im not just talking about taking showers
Tutorial for a quick and easy enema for anal play preparation