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Clover clamps on my nipples
Submissive, sensual blogger involved in a Dominance and submission relationship says what she is thankful for in words and photographs.
About my Husband and our D/s relationship
Devoured, eaten anytime anywhere. A tale of having your man own your pussy and use it anytime he wants.
When they get home her Dom unexpectedly spanks her, he is thrilled at the white cotton panties that contrast against her full, ebony ass.
Uppity woman is rude to waiter so he gives her her just desserts. Flash Fiction Friday: 64 - 94 words use the term "a large tip"
Daddy/baby girl relationship has sexy lap time, erotic sex talk, Dominance and submission
Read abouit my D/s relationship with my Husband
Kissing strangers, sexting, cunnilingus contest, relationships and more are revealed in this week's TMI Tuesday blog post.
"...'pain' was a welcome journey into pure eroticism." Woman gets her first belt spanking and loves it.