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Erotic non fiction about being made to submit
Sinful Sunday and colour filters
Wicked Wednesday - Turns three so a story about a threesome!
I got an award!
Discussing the title of Daddy and how it doesn't always apply to age play.
Furiosa in Mad Max:Fury Road as femdom? Oh fuck yes!
Advice on buying vampire gloves, obedience training, and how to know if you're submissive.
Do you have to learn to be a good submissive before you can become a good dominant? Do you have to master vanilla relationships before you have a kinky one?
Waiting in anticipation on a Sinful Sunday
As a submissive, I feel a kind of strength that I never felt as a Dominant. A strength that frightened me before… but I think that, now, it is a strength that I am ready for and willing to give.