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The first episode of a new podcast, Loving BDSM, hosted by Kayla Lords and John Brownstone. This episode features Kayla reminding people there are few limitations to kink.
My thoughts on forms of address and the use of names (or lack thereof) within the BDSM lifestyle.
Her transgression earns her the first kiss from his belt.
He, kneeling in the living-room next to her chair. Showered and muscled body oiled as instructed. Cage removed and replaced with a black leather harness secured around his cock and balls. Thick black leather collar around his neck, soothing his soul with the confirmation of her ownership. Chain leash clipped to itís D ring. Sapphire blue jeweled butt plug strangely becoming a familiar part of him.
Why 24/7 dynamics are totally possible and not necessarily what you think.
A post about leads/leashes for Kink of the Week
I drunk emailed the boy. Things aren't going well.
Chained and at the mercy of any who see her
How did I score? All is revealed
My subconscious can't do anything with sad, angry emotions.