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She kissed him on his cheek, as she rubbed his shoulders, watching him work. Days had rolled into the other as his new project took his time away from her. Away from them. Watching him she loved his dedication through the long hours he invested and was proud of him. In that same moment, there was that other side of her thinking how good it would be to fuck his ass. To have him down with her hands gripping on his shoulder blades, leaning over him and deeply fucking the ass she had been missing. Big Red going as deep as she could thrust it. The inner urge inside her soul to completely enslaved him. To feed the sadist and masochist in them.
She walks up behind him as heís making their dinner, admiring his sweet bare ass cheeks peeking through the open back of his dark blue apron. The squared front professional chef apron they picked out together, with the bow tied in the back. She rubs her right hand along the muscled globed of his ass cheeks and wraps her left arm around him pulling him close. Her face nuzzles against the crook of his arm as he touches the spatula to the chicken. The sizzling hot chicken on the indoor grill.
The rough, thick rope was now strung between two ancient trees. The rope she watched him tie a single knot into that night. She loved the strong look of his hands while tying. The naked and muscled moving obedient of him as he tied the ends of the rope to two points hammock style. The sisal rope with the natural fibers and the knot in the center. Her eyes followed him as he turned away from her, stepping over the rope and straddling. She, comfortably dressed contrasting the naked, whipped and reddened of him. Her standing and him squatting down onto the rope. The scratchy, fiber knot fitting into the crack of his ass, wedging between the cheeks as he lowers himself down into an awkward crouching position.
She ties him up, he fights back
I slip into a deep sleep and my mind is full with wanting you, needing you, marking you again. I see you in my dream...tied...immobile by the rope securely bound around you. Bound to the chair in our basement. I reflect on the muscled, naked helpless of you and my craving to mark my initials into the scar on your right shoulder. The scare I gave you months ago.
I see your male form, all muscled, cut, toned, your ass taunt and your cock hard for my attention. I can feel and taste the saliva start to line the inside of my mouth as it begins to water. The beat of my heart increasing and the throbbing between my legs, evident. The palms of my hands itch to touch you, strike you, bind you, pull you and grip you. The primal need in me rising as the predator awakens. But what keeps me engaged with you, keeps me hungry for you, keeps me panting for your taste and smell is the beauty I see inside you.
In the third episode of Loving BDSM, Kayla celebrates good Dominants, rather than talking about the bad ones (for once).
The first episode of a new podcast, Loving BDSM, hosted by Kayla Lords and John Brownstone. This episode features Kayla reminding people there are few limitations to kink.
My thoughts on forms of address and the use of names (or lack thereof) within the BDSM lifestyle.
Her transgression earns her the first kiss from his belt.