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How my new owner entrances me.
A sexy 'New Guy' and his Boss story...
how rope can feel like clothing
Your words push into me about your plans for me, hurting me, fucking me, making me completely yours to use at your will
A post about indecision and over thinking
Thoughts on being written on for Kink of the Week
The beauty of a woman's bottom in red
His hand is in hers as they walk casually down the aisle doing their shopping. He stops at the apples, reaches down and picks out a few. She leans in slightly. Close to him. Close to his ear. She softly whispers, “I could have used your mouth earlier.”
A kink of the week post about glasses
He rises early trying not to disturb her sleep. His heart pounds as images play of his debauchery exhibited the night before. He tries to blame it on the whiskey. That damn whiskey fucks him up every time. But he knows it only lowers the walls he wants to fall; running him head long into the depths of his perversion. Yes. True. But he trusts her with his cravings. The twisted mapping of his mind. She pushes him; lightly. It doesn’t take much. A look. A smile that says she wants to see into his darkness.