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Not every kinky couple needs a contract, but if you wonder if you should, consider these reasons.
FUCK, I want you. Were the words scrolling across her phone from his text. That was hours ago and now he was here. Not in a position to Fuck but tightly bound in 6mm of golden CRX Jute twine. Harnessed to a structural beam in the attic. Arms secured above his head and his naked body elevated just enough that his bare toes lightly touched the wooden floor beneath him. She had debated whether to blindfold his lying eyes but decided against it. Wanting to see his reaction pour forth from them with each droplet of pain measured out.
Its a sunny Saturday morning and their ritual plans are unfolding as the doorbell rings. The guys are at the door. He stumbles out of bed and proceeds down the stairs to answer. She hears the muffled voices of them talking. A few moments later hes back upstairs and into their bedroom. He closes the door behind him. Theyre here for softball. I told them I just had to take a shower. He pauses. His eyes study hers. Trying to pick up on what will unfold next. He takes a deep breath and glances from her eyes, to her lap and back again.
Your face is stern. I hate it like that. I know your heart is tender in places and sometimes without thinking something slips out of my mouth, knowing as its on its way to you that it will be an arrow in your heart. Mentally Im scrambling to take it back.
Play with all the stereotypes all you want, but for fuck's sake, don't be thinking that shit is good for relationships...
Connecting as Domme & submissive. How does that work?
Old submissives never die, they just get smaller and smaller in the rear view mirror
Romance? A possible submissive? Who knows!
Sometimes Dommes have wonderful relationships with vanilla men, and sometimes it doesn't work out. Still, vanilla men can be amazing.