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Domination is a more common sexual fetish than many people thin. But consider this. From time to time we all like someone else to take control in the bedroom and even a little bit of forceful direction is one form of domination. That in itself does not make it a fetish but it does illustrate the subtle ways in which domination can influence all our love play.

Of course what people would regard as true domination, the classical dominant controlling the sexual scenes, directing, restraining, maybe even punishing a partner is inextricably bound up with BDSM. So if you like a little domination, to dominate or to be dominated read some of the posts below.

I giggle about trolling a guy who tried to manipulate me into being his Fetish Delivery System on CollarMe even though I know I shouldn't.
Being punished for something I have done is not always nice, but sometimes necessary.
I talk about folks I'm meeting and talking, home repair, ongoing insomnia, being part of a friend's paper on the BDSM lifestyle, and going to the opera
Master T decided that it was time for a maintenance ass training, which had me wearing my plug for at least 3 hours on 10 consecutive days.
At last Master T has decided what title I should use for Him. Yes, I write about Him as Master T and Sir, but that might soon change :)
During the summer holidays Master T and I were dating - with each other.
"Thank you Master" is what I want to say when I have to and not only "thank you". I need a training for this.
During a play date I was fighting voices in my head. Looking back on it, I know I am good enough.
Met a nice man who may have potential in being a new sub to me. We had coffee and are in talks.
Kink of the week is about voyeurism, the practice of watching others without them knowing that you are watching.